Book 2: Illusions


"Will these nightmares go away?"
"It could be worse. You could have my dreams."

Karlos, Matt and Lorna don't even have time for a breather.

Just as one deadly killer has been dealt with, another rears its head in the form of a powerful, pyromaniac kitsune with a grudge against Daedalus.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Karlos's ex-best friend is hanging out with an ex-Daedalus member who also seems to have a grudge against his former employers.

But is Daedalus really the victim in all this? Where do everybody's loyalties really lie? And is there any way Karlos and the others can work out what is real and what is illusion before it's too late?

Reading age: 12 years+
Length: 356 pages


I almost missed my stop on the tube because I was so engrossed and in the nick of time got off, walked in the nearest coffee shop, grabbed a drink without looking and sat until I finished the chapter! - Hannah Ali

A book full of exciting twists and turns you could never second guess with interesting, likeable characters - even the villains. - Patricia Rimmer