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Chinatsu Mori + Alice Sinclair/ 森・血夏 + アリス・シンクレア
These days knowing English is an important skill for many professions... including assassins?!

When shy, klutzy assassin Chinatsu Mori messes up a job due to a linguistic misunderstanding, she realises the time has come to tackle the scary beast known as English ... but her outgoing and eccentric new English teacher Alice Sinclair might be hiding one or two secrets of her own!

A cute, fluffy, silly comedy romance about an assassin and her English teacher.


内気で不器用な暗殺者、森血夏は言葉の誤解から仕事を台無しにしてしまい、英語という恐ろしい獣に取り組む時が来たと悟る...。 でも、彼女の新しい英語の先生アリス・シンクレアには、秘密が隠されているかもしれない!